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Yousei Teikoku Fan Community

Even now I sleep in a coffin that smells of roses

A Community for the band: 妖精帝國
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Welcome to Schwarzer Sarg, the fan community for the band YOUSEI TEIKOKU♥ This is a Member's Only community, please join in order to view all posts :)♥

This community is run by two people, you two fabulous mods:rose_symphony and ryoustyle

Yousei Teikoku (妖精帝國,“Fairy Empire”) is a Japanese band with electronic, ambient, heavy rock, neoclassical and gothic influences,which formed in 1997. They consist of “fairy” vocalist/occasional lyricist YUI (伊月ゆい) and composer Takaha Tachibana (橘尭葉). Through music, Yousei Teikoku is attempting to revive the Fairy Empire that exists between the human world and the spiritual realm known as Spiritua. Yousei Teikoku presents a visual image with gothic style as its core. “Gothic” and “empire” are keywords in their musical concepts. TEAM FAIRITHM has come together to produce this musical revolution.
-Taken from last.fm

The vocalist, Yui, is also an voice actor for Japanese Animation and has two blogs: One that she shares with two of her friends and her personal blog
Their Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/fairithm

-All communities have rules, yes?-
x. Respect members, treat them the way you want to be treated.
x. Please post in English in the best of your ability.
x. Reviews are welcome (but please don't post "This single sucks" and call that a review.)
x. Sharing is caring. (The Media post has it own rules)
x. Debates are welcomed, but don't go overboard. Drama is something I am not fond of. I want a peaceful community.
x. Scans are much welcomed (even if you didn't scan it yourself), please don't claim scans as your own unless you scanned them yourselves.
x. Graphics are welcomed. If posting icons or other graphics, please show at least 2 teasers and then a lj cut. If linking back to your livejournal, please put that the link is a fake cut to journal/community.
x. Translated Lyrics are most welcomed.
x. if posting an image, please, please, please...put it under a lj cut if it's bigger than 300x300
x. Don't know how to LJ cut? Look here
x. Please tag everything so we can have an organized community. (if there is no tag for it yet, don't worry, i'll get to that) Like. If posting scans from a maginze: !scans, or posting media (like music, pvs, interviews) tag as !media, or if posting news, tag it as !news. Graphics as...well, !graphics.

Any questions or Concerns regarding the community? Contact me via email/MSN: rosen.schwert[at}live[dot]com
I'm not online all the time and I do have a life outside the computer, so please, it's going to take some time.

+NOT FOLLOWING THESE RULES (more so not respecting the Members or mods) will result of being kicked out of the community+

ambient, electronic, fairy empire, fairy yui, heavy rock, neoclassical, takaha tachibana, team fairithm, yousei teikoku, yui, ゆい, 伊月ゆい, 妖精帝國, 橘尭葉